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Love being a great host, and have a cozy apartment to rent? Or maybe something unique, like a camper or a house boat?
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Have your potential guests find you so they can get in touch and book direct. No assistance included. Upgrade any time!
Professional Rental ($124 listing/month)
Team collaboration platform. All supported booking sites. Optimized with proven tools and excellent guest attention.
Occasional rental ($24 listing/month)
Just rent once in a while? This subscription adds 5% to your guest's price and includes fewer tools and sites.
The Relocation Fee ($50 per relocation)
Oh no!! We understand these happen sometimes. But they do take a lot of time to solve, hence this small additional fee.
Off-Platform Extra ($99 acc/month)
Prefer to call or use messenger? We will add your input to the platform for you so your team will get it right away.
The Partner Fees (See partner sites)
Any 3rd party fee is not included in our pricing and is set by them. We can mark up rates with the fee % to help cover this.
PayPal Payout Fee (1% per booking)
Payouts are done 2 days after check-in and as soon received. There is a small handling fee for our accountant.
Bank Payout Fee (1.5% additional)
If you request payouts by bank transfer this generates extra costs which we cover with this small additional fee.
Direct Booking Fee (10% to guests)
HomeAway books through this method and is paid from this fee. Guests pay about 10% less by booking direct.