The Proven Formula for a Higher Listing Site Ranking

The rental property market is highly competitive. If you want to attract great guests and increase your booking rate, then you need to have listings that rank high on top rental sites.

At it is our business to make the listing process easier, faster and more effective for property managers and owners. We partner with the most popular rental sites to streamline the listing process and improve the booking experience for your guests.

If you want to boost your ranking on rental listing sites─without paying for a sponsored spot─these are the five proven essentials you need to know.

Top Reviews

Online reviews are critical to your brand reputation and booking rate. In a TripAdvisor survey, 99% of guests said they wouldn’t consider a property with too many negative reviews. Having poor or few reviews hurts your conversion rate as well as your ranking.

Booking sites showcase the best properties to give their users relevant and helpful results. Encourage every guest to review your property. If possible, send links for them to review in booking confirmation emails.

Quick Response

We live in a fast-paced, digital world. People expect quick response rates, especially when it comes to bookings. They want to know that property managers are responsive, attentive and professional, and so do rental sites. Increasing your response rate can also increase your placement. At a minimum, respond to inquiries and requests within 2 hours.

Zero Cancellations

When guests book with your property, they expect the reservation to be honored. Sites prioritize properties with proven reliability and guest satisfaction in their results. If your listing has even a few cancellations, it will negatively impact your ranking.  

No Over-Bookings

Over-bookings aren’t good for anyone─rental properties or guests. When rooms are overbooked it often means relocating a guest, which is inconvenient and frustrating for them. For properties, it means losing profits, paying for relocation somewhere else and guest compensation, not to mention the damage to reputation and guest satisfaction.

Overbookings may occasionally happen due to an internal error. However, they also affect how rental sites rank. They may view it as a red flag that your property and management aren’t accountable.

High-Quality Pictures

If your listings don’t have pictures or have ones that are grainy, poorly-lit or otherwise unappealing, it not only affects how potential guests perceive your property.  It negatively impacts your rank on rental sites. Investing in some professional photos of your property will attract the attention of guests and help improve your ranking.

People seldom look past the first one or two pages of search results. To optimize listings and attract more guests, properties need to increase their ranking. With this proven formula and’s easy-to-use platform, property managers and owners can improve their listings and increase conversation rates with nearly zero effort.

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