What You Need To Know In The Vacation Rental Industry 07-17-2017

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VRM Housekeeping Basics: Taylor-Made’s Joe Refosco Addresses Common Questions and Concerns

“Cleanliness is next to Godliness” is not just an old adage to be taken lightly. You get only one chance to make a good first impression. Cleanliness is one of the most important aspects of the property management business, and it can make or break your reputation. Housekeepers are the backbone of our companies, and their efficiency, knowledge, and loyalty to their profession is extremely vital.

When Taylor-Made Deep Creek Vacations hires housekeepers, we look for people who take pride in their work, show attention to detail, and are dedicated to doing their very best on each assignment. We deal with and oversee many tasks, and knowing we have the best cleaning staff on the lake makes one less worry for us.

Read on: http://www.vrmintel.com/vrm-housekeeping-basics-taylor-mades-joe-refosco-addresses-common-questions-concerns/

Airbnb Colludes with Guests to Provide Refunds

I had a guest from Seattle: Canadian, liar, Harvard Extension student. She traveled via Airbnb to deliberately find problems with hosts in order to find a cheap place to stay and free food.

You should have the full story. She had full access to the kitchen. The microwave was not in the kitchen (in my room) and was not included in the listing. She misled Airbnb to believe that I did not allow her to use the kitchen, when in fact I did.

She came into my room without my authorization several times to use the microwave. While I was not home, She came into my room and turned on the air conditioning (there is only one unit A/C in the unit, and it is in my room) while also using the microwave at the same time. Therefore she could have caused circuit damage. Air conditioning was not listed for use by guests on Airbnb. I notified her that I would ask maintenance to fix the circuit damage.

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Hotels vs. Vacation Rentals: Room For All?

I was having dinner with Inner Circle member Jane Moore at the Four Seasons Papagayo, Costa Rica, which arguably represents the finest hotel in what many consider the most sustainable tourism destination of our generation.
Having stayed at this property since it first opened, Jane agreed: when you’re at the Four Seasons Papagayo, you are coddled with customization. Every staff member is aware of your tastes and preferences. Every detail is thoughtfully curated as if your mom was secretly involved in the planning process.

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