What Guests Say Are Most Important To Them In a Vacation Rental Stay

Do your guests really care if you have a fancy coffee maker or a fully equipped kitchen? Do they care about having a scenic view or do they want to be in a prime location, close to nightlife or the city center?

What is it that matters most to guests? One could argue that it varies, depending on your property, location and the types of travelers that you attract.

However, at BookingTeam.com, we’ve learned that there are some fundamental qualities that most guests value above all else. These are the characteristics that vacation rentals need to have and that guests consider most important.

1. A ready-to-use kitchen.

Yes, a fully equipped kitchen does matter to vacation rental guests. In fact, a TripAdvisor study found that 83% of travelers booked vacation rentals with access to a kitchen because they could dine in and cut down on costs. A ready-to-use kitchen is essential for vacation rentals.

However, that doesn’t mean that you need to have the most expensive espresso machine and other gadgets. The basics like silverware and dishes are a good start. They will likely also appreciate basic cooking and seasoning supplies, wine and bottle openers, a simple coffee machine and any other supplies you can offer.

2. On-site laundry.

Vacation rental guests tend to stay for longer periods of time, and no one wants to travel with smelly clothes. Most travelers are going to want to have somewhere to wash and dry their clothes, preferably on-site. Going somewhere to wash clothes is a huge hassle. Having an on-site washer and dryer that guests can use is a huge selling point. If you don’t have one, offer a laundry service. This option may be even more appealing to travelers because they don’t have to take time to do the washing themselves.

3. Toiletries

Providing guests with complimentary toiletries is expected in the hotel industry. It may not be as common in the vacation rental industry, but guests will appreciate it even more. Besides the typical supplies like soap and shampoo, make sure they are well stocked with fresh towels.

4. Reliable WiFi.

An Internet connection is no longer a perk, it’s a necessity. Today, the thought of unplugging completely while traveling can be stressful for many travelers that will rely on WiFi to communicate with friends, family or work. Many are even willing to pay more for more reliable and high-speed Internet.

5. Around the clock check-in.

Convenience is of utmost importance to travelers. Often, people arrive outside of traditional check-in hours, so hosts need to accommodate that. Hosts can implement an automated check-in system. Many BookingTeam.com clients utilize City CoPilot key exchange services and luggage storage so that guests have the added flexibility and convenience.

6. Knowledgeable, friendly and helpful hosts.

In the vacation rental industry, hospitality is still key. Vacation rentals offer a more personal and private experience for travelers, and part of that is on the host. Guests expect and appreciate when hosts greet them, offer local insights and check in with to make sure the experience is meeting their expectations.

Making sure that guests have the best experience possible is crucial to vacation rental success. With these tips and BookingTeam.com’s platform and booking professionals available 24/7, hosts can not only cover the bases but give their business the competitive edge it needs to grow and attract more guests.

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