Who Are the Thought Leaders We Should Look Up To In the Vacation Rental Industry?

Running a vacation rental business has its challenges. To break into the industry or increase your success, it is important to look to those that have done it--industry leaders. These are professionals that have years of experience to back their claims of expertise.

At BookingTeam.com, we combine our easy-to-use platform with teams of around-the-clock booking professionals to give hosts the support they need. However, it never hurts to have some extra help and continuously gain insights from others in the industry. Here are some top thought leaders in the vacation rental space to look up to for inspiration and advice.

Chip Conley

A veteran hotelier, entrepreneur, and advisor to Airbnb, Chip Conley is a hospitality expert. In 2013, he joined the Airbnb team as Global Head of Hospitality and Strategy and played an active role in growing the site. He has since stepped away from his role there to focus on new projects. You can gain some of his decades-long insights by checking out his TED Talk and website.

Dany Papineau

Founder of AirbnbSecrets, Dany Papineau offers online courses for hosts. The former actor and filmmaker got into the vacation rental industry to prevent near bankruptcy but found it so profitable that he shifted his industry focus. Now a well-known expert in the space, he offers great tips for anyone on Airbnb.

Antonio Bortolotti

Antonio Bortolotti founded one has become one of the most trusted sources for industry insights, Vacation Rental Secrets. The site boasts a wealth of information in the form of blog posts, courses and more. Bortolotti is a seasoned expert in the vacation rental industry and frequently consults.

Al Williamson

A real estate expert, civil engineer, author and host, Al Williamson has a wide variety of experience that he pulls from to help other property owners on his site Leading Landlord. The site has several free resources including ecourses and a weekly blog.

Maureen Regan

The current president of the trade organization, Vacation Rental Management Association (VRMA), Maureen Regan is often featured as an industry expert in published journals and articles. She is also the founder of Seaside Vacation Rentals and Regal Real Estate with decades of experience.

Karen Spencer

The Business of Holiday Rental is a site and helpful resource full of information for vacation home hosts. Through her own experience renting out a holiday home, Karen Spencer built up expertise on what works and what doesn’t. Some useful features she offers hosts are tips on styling homes as well as free guides on various aspects of running a holiday rental.

Also, rental sites offer useful resources and insights into the vacation rental industry. Some of our favorites are HomeAway and TripAdvisor. One great HomeAway resource is their ebook, Renting Your Vacation Home: Step-By-Step Guide. Since TripAdvisor is delving more and more into the vacation rental space, keep an eye out for the results of their studies. They have useful research insights that hosts can utilize.

Taking some pointers from the top influencers in the vacation rental space can be key to building your own expertise and growing your business. Additionally, BookingTeam.com is always here to support our hosts and answer questions along the way.

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