What You Need To Know In The Vacation Rental Industry 09-25-2017

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Booking.com Could Narrow the Gap In Vacation Rentals

Booking.com is behind Airbnb and HomeAway, for now. We expect the gap to close as hosts interested in offering instant booking on HomeAway and Airbnb are likely to also go with Booking.com as all three sites can be used for free with the only payment being on the commission, which is comparable across the sites. There are logistics of managing across platforms so inventory is not oversold. Some small users filling their rooms will simply leave things on one platform.

Read on: https://skift.com/2017/09/19/booking-com-could-narrow-the-gap-in-vacation-rentals/

Short-Term Rental Ban in Berlin for Airbnb and Others Appears to Be Eroding

Authorities in Berlin last year appeared to have implemented one of the strictest bans on short-term rentals in the world. However, a new ruling seems to suggest that ban is not as strict as originally conceived, giving hope to home-sharing platforms like Airbnb and its hosts.

The law that went into effect in May 2016 was meant to address the city’s affordable housing shortage. It essentially stated that non-city residents couldn’t rent out entire apartments or homes through alternative accommodations platforms unless the host of that particular residence has a permit to do so.

Read on: https://skift.com/2017/09/11/short-term-rental-ban-in-berlin-for-airbnb-and-others-appears-to-be-eroding/

Is The Guest Always Right? (Yes, But It’s Complicated)


It is a question that many business owners struggle with: Is the customer always right? Yes, and no. The saying, “The customer is always right”, doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to run your business according to everything they say. In fact, that could actually lead you to fail fast. You’d constantly be making changes to satisfy every guest’s desire and whim, and what one guest prefers another may hate.

Read on: https://bookingteam.com/2017/09/20/guest-always-right-yes-complicated/

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